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February 03, 2016

Atlas Copco is launching a new series of lighting towers HiLight. The new series will be produced by Atlas Copco Portable Energy division, which is also produces diesel generators, portable compressors, high pressure boosters along with lighting towers. The new series include models HiLight V4 and V5 +, which increase customer choice in selecting the right solution for a particular application. Each lighting tower is manufactured in a robust hood HardHat, providing reliable protection against foreign objects. The package also includes a diesel generator on the basis of economical engine Kubota. Sincro alternators Mecc Alte and ensure that diesel power provides high-quality and stable output voltage. Volumetric tank capacity of 105 liters ensures that the  diesel generators  will run for several days without refueling.

Lighting tower HiLight V4 is the leading solution in the metal segment capacity of 4000W and can illuminate an area of 4,000 m 2. HiLight V5 + can cover an area up to 5000 m 2 light levels up to 20 lux and a premium model with LED lights, which provides a significant reduction in fuel consumption of up to 60% compared with the same metal halide solutions. In addition, the new LED lamps are characterized by high strength and protection from external influences without any deterioration in the level of illumination. It can carry up to 20 units in a single truck due to the fact that the mast remains vertical.

It is expected that the new lighting towers will be in demand from construction companies, organizers of cultural events and other industries. The package may include a wide range of additional lighting options. The products of the new series are characterized by high efficiency, safety, excellent build quality, reliability and compact size, which is characteristic of all equipment Atlas Copco, including power generators, compressors and construction equipment, etc. considerations have also been taken into account, with a frame design that prevents oil, fluids and fuel from leaking out and contaminating the ground.

Atlas Copco Hilight V4 and Hilight V5+


February 03, 2016

Atlas Copco is launching a new series of lighting towers HiLight. The new series will be produced

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