Graco’s expertise is focused mainly on manufacturing fluid handling systems and components. Since 1926,Graco has been developing its tactics and approaches to operate now as an industry leader that tailors effective fluid handling solutions to the individual requirements of each customer.

If there are any products matching your current needs, please contact us to learn more about the solutions that Graco offers.

Graco’s equipment addresses an array of needs:

– Paint Spraying

– Protective Coatings

– Insulating

– Texturing

– Plastering & Jointing

– Cleaning

– Lubrication

– Gluing.

The company’s main efforts are putinto the development of a complete line of fluid transfer equipment and plural component systems:

Ultra Max

The preferred choice of large professional painting contractors worldwide

T-MAX 506

The first choice for interiorplasters and decorative materials

Mark V Max Platinum

Graco’s top of the line electric sprayers for AIRLESS spraying of paints.

XM Plural

Discover the next evolution in plural-component spraying

Xtreme Sprayers

High-pressure air-operated airless sprayers for protective coatings


BlueMax II Hose

To maximize performance, choose BlueMax™ II high performance airless hose

Fittings & Adapters

Graco parts and accessories are designed specifically for your Graco fluid handling equipment.

Gun Filters

Gun filters help reduce tip plugging and provide a better quality finish by eliminating large unwanted particles.

Gun and Hose Kits

Graco Gun Hose Kits are offered in a variety of gun and hose configurations to cover every application.

Manifold Filters

Manifold filters are the second line of defense against troublesome particles entering your sprayer.