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wacAfter the years of research and craftsmanship that went into forming unique approaches toward manufacturing, the Wheelabrador Allevard is now the#1 manufacturer of steel abrasives and diamond tools.

W Abrasives is an innovative and eco-friendly solution provider that listens to the voice of the customer. By asking the right open-ended questions, W Abrasives strives to fulfill customers’ expectations and demands.

With 14 plants around the world, W Abrasives is a High Carbon Manufacturer that can address any blasting requirements from customers, wherever they might be located. We make no fake commitments, and engage in providing the best value for money: high quality products, reliability and complaints management.

W Abrasives recruits, trains and motivates the best people in order to build up intimacy with customers. Through a reliable sales team, we want our customers to feel recognized and important. That is why we reward them for being loyal.

W Abrasives wants to make its customers the best players on their own markets. Thanks to an exclusive range of Premium and Specialties products, we give customers unique assets to optimize their process efficiency. Premium solutions are supported by a worldwide dedicated team of 25 Application Experts, specialists in technical expertise and cost reduction

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