about_usThe industrial equipment supplied by Atlas Corp contributes to comprehensive resolution of the problems experienced by the consumers of our services and products. Owing to its technical capabilities based on the usethe most advanced and contemporary technologies, intelligent decisions on distribution of high-end and high-tech advanced equipment, as well as due to the flexibility and efficiency of operational commitments Atlaskorp LLC (known under a trade name Atlas Corp) has successfully built an unblemished reputation among the customers.

High-tech products and associated services provided based on the use of global revolutionary technologies represent an outcome of tight cooperation with our worldwide recognized partners.

The equipment produced by these manufacturers is in use in a wide spectrum of industries including:
Oil, gas and chemical industries; Machinery engineering; Shipbuilding; Construction and agriculture; Mining; Transportation of oil and gas; Storage of oil products; Automotive; Aircraft; Woodworking; Food industry, etc.


The following companies are among our partners:

– ATLAS COPCO (Sweden)
– DEUTZ AG (Germany)
– CEDIMA GMBH (Germany)
– AIRBLAST BV (Netherlands)
– W ABRASIVES (France)
– MANN + HUMMEL GMBH (Germany)


Along with this, the Company is capable of rendering engineering services, including those that are non-standard but can be that are custom-tailored.

*If you are looking for something extraordinary;
*If you plan to start a new business which you have never engaged in before;
*If you wish to fully master the operation of the equipment provided by our Company;
*If you wish to have a guarantee for the equipment that we provide you with;
*If you wish to receive spare parts for equipment in a timely manner;
*If you wish to solicit support of highly qualified engineers and specialists for timely and quality servicing,

Then you are on the right track!

Choose Atlas Corp and we will guarantee you a reliable long-term cooperation.
The equipment supplied by Atlas Corp is always one step ahead of similar products supplied to the market.
Companies that have asked for assistance from Atlas Corp in selection of equipment or servicing will always feel comfortable and confident in all aspects.


Customer’s problems are our problems, so we are always very glad to help you in addressing any issues associated with the equipment.
At the earliest opportunity, contact us to receive assistance from a worldwide trusted and recognized leader in the industry.

Constant communication with new technologies, service, adequate the world standards environmental protection, factors of health and labor, group of highly educated professionals is the base of Atlas Corp.